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Here with your good scarf content in 2019. Remember kids - ALL IT TAKES IS A SCARF

I need to sleep tonight. Give me something to read to settle my brain down.

General public shoutout to @zigg for being the best (around). Y’all, they are seriously amazing and have kept me sane lately.

regardless, after a suitable mourning period for my kitty I should do a spring scarf pic.

❤️ Trans women are women
🧡 Trans men are men
💛 Gender is non-binary
💚 Intersectionality is important
💙 Enbies are beautiful
💜 You are valid
🖤 Love is love

How do they do mammograms on AMAB folks, I wonder? Do they just point them straight at the chest?

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Ok, consensus seems to be to keep it. ☺️

What should i do when it isn't scarf weather any longer? I don't really want to change my name.

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