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Here with your good scarf content in 2019. Remember kids - ALL IT TAKES IS A SCARF

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Thinking about weaving all day, as you do

I just got on to make a post about cute enbies and apparently it's ? Perfect timing. Yall are cute af.

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"This one has 'premium tongue.'"
"Well, you know I like my tongue to be premium."

trans rights? on MY nails? it's more likely than you think

Inspired by @2015_05_09

Yea I've got BDE:
Don't want to get out of bed

personally, I think guys should kiss each other. that's just my vision for the world

I feel like my French has been going well overall but I do have days where I'm surprised Duo doesn't fly out of the app and slap me for forgetting the same thing over and over. 😬

I do like these glasses though. They're my backup readers from zenni.

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Either I've lost my mind or this app flipped the fave and boost buttons, cause I keep doing the wrong ones.

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you may be verified on myspace but are you verified in the eyes of god?

I am the biggest millennial cheerleader, don't get me wrong. I am pro-millennial. But folks. Cmon.

Anyway, here's Wonderwall.

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