Barely one minute after I wake up and pull out my phone:

o hi heard u were up, we had some ideas about breakfast


🎶 "So c'mon satisfy the knead in me
Only your good cookin' can set me freeee..." 🎶

@Mj Happens to me all the time. Can't help but bring them into a big hug and make them wait a bit longer o3o

@Mj Oh wow! Hungry kitties! 😻 Such cutie floofs, too~!

One of my two cats is on my bed next to my pillow very soon after I wake up (she tends to sleep by my feet) and whining for food, but she has a while to wait as I have to wake up & take meds at least an hour before I actually get up! (Yay chronic back pain & ADHD!😒)

My other cat just lets the first one do all the work in getting me up, while she sits on the cat tower thing at the foot of my bed and supervises 😹

Oh how beautiful! And those cats are good looking as well!

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