Well, here we are again, loves. Send me your lovely faces this morning, or something nice, or something horny, or whatever you got. Need a lil boost of feeling.

Selfie/no ec Show more

Well, I got some selfies and cat pics, but today is apparently not full of hornt in the fediverse. 🤭

@Mj Pretzel! Previous humans weren’t taking good care of him and he broke his paw. Clinic my wife works at told them they basically had to surrender him or there’d likely be animal neglect charges. We got him surgery and all his shots, coming home soon! 😻

@coffeentacos awww poor bb. I’m glad he has a good new home with infinite snuggles.

@Mj and two sisters! Hoping they’ll all adjust well to each other.

@bnys @Mj right?! The combination of those with his big eyes is almost too much

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