Hey look who showed up in my city! It's @zigg! 😆

A story about a kid that changes his cell phone number and starts getting texts from the illuminati asking him what to do next

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@zigg I hope you have the most amazing time. ❤️😀

Also I got to see one of my favorite performers who is a trans lady with some intense dark energy I really respond to, and my spouse got stepped on by Bowsette. A top night.

@Red here's my pizza takes: most pizza by the slice is trash, pepperoni should be crispy, stop folding your damn pizzas

The video game themed burlesque show was fucking EXCELLENT. Waluigi was so perfectly in character.

hillary clinton threw the first ball in the ball pit at dashcon

@Robby @spookydjinn it would be an interesting test of where you’re at on the Kinsey scale. (Sexy waluigi is a male performer)

Today's gender is the sound of an orchestra tuning.

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