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When you’re checking out a non-binary look and wanting it for yourself, are you enbious? 🤔

Me on my way to visit my girlfriend

I want to be so androgynous that people look at me and instead of any pronoun popping into their head they just hear an ominous droning buzz by default

I saw this so you all have to see it now. My condolences.

@porsupah The mural that Brian Kenny and #Arttitude painted at "ground zero" of our #gayborhood came out beautifully. Since the news article showed the work in progress, I thought everyone might enjoy a few shots of the finished piece.

#LGBT #Trans #Transgender #Art #Mural #Stonewall50 #Stonewall #Pride

@kelbesque this is how I feel about the morning train. All weekday morning trains should be treated like the quiet car.

@kelbesque I wouldn’t actually do it on the plane, no.

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Thinking about weaving all day, as you do

I just got on to make a post about cute enbies and apparently it's ? Perfect timing. Yall are cute af.

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