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Well, here we are again, loves. Send me your lovely faces this morning, or something nice, or something horny, or whatever you got. Need a lil boost of feeling.

Thank you all so much for your kind words. I love yall. ❤️

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Taking another cat to the vet for a mystery problem two weeks after having to put one to sleep so we could all use some good thoughts, fam.

walked into my house last night to our TV screen frozen on this

Checking to see if @Absolutely_Blakely unfollowed me for my earlier post but then can’t find them cause they’re pikachu now 😆

I did not know there was a Bi Worldwide organization that awarded points. I guess I'm really getting there!

what the absolute fuck ahve I just come across on steam

it's so confusing when people change both their display name AND their avatar, I can't figure out who you are any more BLAKELY

studying the blade
auditing the blade
blowing off the papers but cramming and getting a B on the final, just barely passing the blade
taking blade 101 and acting like a real asshole about it forever like that makes me an expert

probably not super locked down anonymous, just like...not linked from my non-masto stuff.

still thinking about starting another blog, maybe slightly more anonymous this time, but undecided and too tired to come up with a good name at the moment.

@RawRobby so I was able to follow you but I can't see any of your posts :P are you sure you made them follower only?

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