we were on a lovely countryside walk and spotted a pair of pants nailed to a tree. upon closer inspection,


my dad pointed out that these are TREE TRUNKS and im SO ANGRY

@evan i cannot figure out what this means but it's horrifying whatever way you look at it

@bryn *rides off on my Jorts Horse with my junderwear sticking out of the back of my pants*

@WrithingSouth @bryn If one were to cut them into a jthong and then wear sagging jorts over them, would it be called a “jhale tail”?

@bryn this is better than the spooky bath i found a few weeks ago, dammit

@bryn i tried to find what it was on google to no avail ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@pip that's super weird but maybe it's cooler that way??

@bryn I can't keep gay which of my mufos are American and which aren't but I'm really glad we have the word 'pants' for a shibboleth

@Absolutely_Blakely @bryn I am not a disaffected ex-pat academic/creative living in a Continental European city center, YET, but when I do I'm going to keep calling trousers pants in order to amuse the Europeans at parties

@byttyrs *frantically googling "define shibboleth"* uh huh yeah it sure is!!!

@bryn LMAO shibboleth is a word that the Bible (Book of Judges ch. 12) records Gileadites using to suss out secret Ephraimites; the Ephraimites didn't have the 'sh' sound so it sounded like 'sibboleth'. so a shibboleth is something you say that 'betrays' something about yr background to people who speak yr same language, but not yr dialect

@byttyrs you know so much stuff omg. that was the name of the library catalogue at my uni i think?? that's v interesting

@bryn I'll admit I looked up most of those details! couldn't have told you what book of the Bible it was, or who could say Shibboleth, or who couldn't, before checking Wikipedia. but I feel like the cultural context in which that word came to be used in English is more revealing re: what a shibboleth is than most definitions, so I wanted to get the story gay

(thank you!! this is one of many things I know bc of my special interest/B.A. in Linguistics lol)

@byttyrs you seem to know a lot of stuff about a lot!! it's really cool tbh. thank you for educating me 😊

@bryn 🙈 ty yr very kind, I'm always honored when people value my Hoard of Trivia 😄

@byttyrs @bryn I think jants is the best of the alternatives, unless you get them out on open water, where they become sea janties

@bryn this is so much. they're just. printed......not even real denim

@bryn I like that it required a dad to translate another dad’s joke for us all

@bryn jan't be so angry, it's a good visual pun :p

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