@eel i don't know what that means but i'm into it!

@bryn it's a web-based RPG kingdomofloathing.com
my character had a giant rotten fish as a weapon. super op thanks to the immense toxic damage

@eel that's Fucking Incredible and i love it

@bryn i would normally only expect to see something like this in Quebec.

@lyliawisteria whoa what's going on in québec that makes them need signs like this??

@bryn probably something to stick it to Anglophones.. they have some really bizarre pictographical signs that just don't quite follow the normal conventions.


@unixtippse vielleicht ist das sehr witzig aber ich verstehe fast keines(?) deutsch

@bryn It’s a nonsensically literal translation of DROP THE BASS RIGHT NOW! I’m sorry. It’s past bedtime here. Should’ve already taken my meds.

@bryn Well boss, you could say he's 'running with the fishes' now, if you know what I mean.

upset that nothing that ever comes out of my accursed head will never be as funny as this completely earnest anti-illegal fishing signage

@bryn are you sure they're running and not skanking? i think they just don't like Reel Big Fish, which is understandable.

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