that's me on a scooter
that's me on a push. bike.
reducing my emissions

@bryn it took me a billion years to get the cadence in my head but NOW IT'S STUCK THERE

this is by every possible metric the best toot i've ever made and i forgot about it during work and ended up laughing my way down the high street when i opened my phone and read it

@bryn “Pushbike” has always sounded faintly derogatory and cager languagey to me, but your toot's making me reconsider 😂

@emilyoram thank you i didn't know i could make myself this happy tbh

@bryn this is honestly the best toot of all time, i laugh EVERY time i see it

tryin' to reduce, reuse
and recycle
if i can do it

@bryn damnit i have this song stuck in my head and here we are reinforcing it

keepin' on. the. move.
and I don't mind a traffic jam, for,
I scoot on the sidewalk
on the sidewalk

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