(redrafted to hide images!!!)
sarcasm aside i am actually very cute
[selfies, ec, very boostable]

@bryn @moth youre gonna get there with the boosts, this is just to be safe

@healyn @moth on this end of things i'm at 72 boosts...... can't believe it hit 69 as i slept

@bryn not as kind as you are cute/funny tho ✨🌟✨

@bryn jokes on you!!! I'm cancelling your refusal of my compliments!!!!! THIS is how you pwn the libs!!!

@bryn very cute is an understatement !! 💚 💚 !!

@bryn You'd better have a license for that excessive cuteness!

Seriously, how the heck do you do that?

@Wayril (be gay do crime no licenses here!)
uhhh just..... stop being horribly self conscious about posting my smile lol. ty!!!

@bryn Well whatever you're doing keep it up! 😀

@bryn oh so cute and very vibrant even after multiple exposures

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