psa for tumblr emigrants: caption your images!!
(@PleaseCaption is your friend)

- pronouns in bio
- check for other people's pronouns/go neutral if you can't find them
- be kind and not a creep
- interactions are good
- be my friend

and finally:
CW your emoji spam! people using screen readers mostly don't wanna listen to five minutes of "hacker b, hacker u, hacker s, hacker s, hacker y, hacker s," etc

oops one more thing: it's in the terms of service that you have to post "good morning" before you start tooting for the day and "good night" when you're done

@bryn I really need to get around to figuring out if there's a way to turn an image into a letter (as opposed to a one-letter word) with ARIA attributes.

@bryn oh damn I didn’t know about this. I’ve done some emoji spam before and I hope that didn’t bother anyone

@DylTheFunkyHomosexual it's probably fine, it's just good to be on the safe side! same goes for ascii spam like the house meme or the bunny sign or the sword

@bryn Honestly, that shit is annoying even as someone who doesn't use a screenreader. None of those custom emoji federate properly so, unless I open the post in a new window, it just looks like gibberish.

@ink_slinger really?? that's weird, i've very rarely had problems with emoji from other instances

@bryn I dunno. Maybe it's because my instance is running an older version, but I literally cannot see any custom emoji unless I open the post in a new tab so that I'm viewing it on the originating instance instead of in my home feed.

So all those hacker letters? I see them written out the way a screen reader would say them, rather than as the actual emoji.

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