making a masto blanket fort. fave to add a blanket. boost to hop in and get cozy

sorry this is disgusting. in that kinda mood though

i do, in fact, care about this toot doing numbers. i need fortitude for my fort

@bryn if you there were a bunch of people, you know, like several

@bryn if there were a bunch of people hanging out in your fort

@bryn but they were hanging out in your fort,,, you know

@bryn you know they were hanging out, during like a period

@bryn like the period between the sunset and sunrise

@garfiald i guess it would be an appropriate name for that brynterval

@bryn fuck i really wanna build a blanket fort now

@garfiald big big mood. last time i did it it was in my friends' living room before we all marched into the north sea at sunrise on may 1st lol

unsolicited gushing about nonsense Show more

unsolicited gushing about nonsense Show more

@smile @bryn thamk you Laurie. I knew I could always count on you to appreciate my sophisticated quips and jibes

@bryn I'm sorry I know this is inconvenient but can everyone stand up for a second I need to line the floor with foam mattress cut exactly to the shape of the floor

@bryn @Jewbacchus dammit who's eating crisps in here I've got crumbs all over my sleeping bag

@bryn so there’s a password, right? To get into the fort and eat the pancakes?

@bryn I would love a "Jesus was an anarchist" t-shirt to wear for the holidays. I wonder if anybody makes those...

@bryn I feel like we're going to have some overheating issues with all these warm bodies and all this insulation.

@ben nah, it's gonna be huge and we're all gonna wear summer clothes

@bryn has a password been established yet? can i help come up with it?

I think the password should incorporate an emoji of some kind.

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