hot take, or, as i like to call it, "toasty posty"

toasty posty: moaning lisa smile is a fantastic song and the rest of its album is bland as hell

@bryn i have literally never heard this band mentioned before....i started listening to them like 4 or 5 years ago

@Yolo_County_Skinwalker_Patrol i swear everyone loves them?? maybe they're not known outside the uk. they won a mercury prize and everything though......

@bryn ahhh that explains it
Like....I'm not super familiar with current stuff even here in the states, and if im bein real ive never heard of a mercury prize. I legit spent a decent part of high school spending 6 hours a day locked in my room listening to radio signals.

@bryn you fucking genius, this lad has an IQ of a billion right here i can tell

@bryn every time I see this I feel a little more of my life force drain away

@pig i'm so sorry. you deserve better. this toot won't calm down though

@bryn [gritting teeth] I'm glad your toot hit it big, pal

Lewd as heck, my weird brain strikes again 

Lewd as heck, my weird brain strikes again 

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