boost and tomorrow morning i'll shuffle my spotify top 100 and tell you what song comes up. no extra skips, no omissions, no excuses

ok, maybe some excuses

@Quixote171 you got: Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen!
while i wish i could say i was a bigtime crj fan this is only on here bc it's on my workout playlist lol

@kelbesque you got: Don't Sing by Data ft. Benny Sings!

i love this track it slaps

@barrow you got: Hallways by Islands

i'm kinda embarrassed by this one but it's cute

@Ophillous you got: Venus Fly by Grimes and Janelle Monáe!

yes i still listen to grimes you got: The English Summer by The Wombats

this is another off my workout playlist. i know the wombats were cool ten years ago but this track is good

@queerchangeling you got: The Way My Heart Beats by Good Shoes

more indie trash. i love it

@lilpurplekitty you got: Fake ID by Riton and Kah-Lo

i LOVE kah-lo

@selontheweb you got: Contact High by Architecture in Helsinki

this track is so camp and i love it so much

@tisiphone you got: Make Me Feel by Janelle Monáe

no explanations needed

@kioskwitch you got: CIrcle. Square. Triangle by Test Icicles

yeah this is only on there bc it's on my workout playlist lol

@grant you got: Melody Day by Caribou

i love love love this. it's probably dunkworthy but whatever

@moth you got: Promises by NERO

i remembered this existed earlier in the year and listened to it like twice a day for two months

@LottieVixen you got: The Bears Are Coming by Late of the Pier

this is one of my favourite songs Ever

@zac you got: No Love by Hooray for Earth

idk i should probably be bullied for liking this but it's really good

@ADUB you got: Battle Royale by Does It Offend You, Yeah?

it's such a bad band name and this is basically dubstep lmao. this is the workout playlist skew at it again

@afroSwampMonster you got: Raising the Skate by Speedy Ortiz

extremely good

@grandpawg_alt you got: A Little bit of Solidarity goes a Long Way by And So I Watch You from Afar

yet again, this is on here bc it's on my workout playlist. it's pretty good tho

@TheEnbyperor you got: Bad Kingdom by Moderat

i found this bc it's on the same album as that track in annihilation where the fractal stuff happens. it's good

@knownrobes you got: Survival Song by AJJ

this was the first AJJ song i heard, i love it

@dirt you got: Summertime Clothes by Animal Collective

doesn't everyone hate animal collective or something?? idk i like this track, i like summery music

@Louisa you got: The Suburbs by Mr Little Jeans

it's a dang good cover imo

@anthonydavis you got: Rollerskate by Matias Aguayo

this is it! the only good a capella song! (apart from the frank turner one). i love this sooooo much even though the lyrics are all nonsense and don't match up to the ones you find online at all

@singingmousai you got: Too Many Songbirds by Joe Innes and the Cavalcade

if you like folk music made by people with questionable musical talent but a lot of heart this is for you. i love this band. i saw them live and immediately bought their ep!!

@Jessicacrets you got: Summer's in Bloom by Reef

yeah this is only on here bc it's on my workout playlist but this band really reminds me of family holidays to cornwall which is cute

@nuttgodd you got: Turtle Neck by Bosnian Rainbows

i only know this song by them and it takes some patience but it's pretty good

@pig you got: Restless by UNKLE ft. Josh Homme

another workout playlist skew one but it's a good track

@healyn you got: Beachy Head by Mechanical Me

i was obsessed with this for like a month. weird but good. the bonobo mix is probably better though

@momjeans you got: Crave You - Adventure Club Remix by Flight Facilities

yet again, it's on there bc it's on my workout playlist. it's good though, love a good remix

@woomy you got: Better Find Out by together PANGEA

another staple of my workout playlist but also i listened to it a lot in may kinda time!

@StQuelleSurprise you got: Shetlag by Sheelanagig

i could launch into a story about how i heard about sheelanagig but i won't lol. this is on a playlist i made called "ok google, how to feel good" bc it's beautiful

@bryn update: have listened to it twice and it has been added to my general playlist :)

@Jae the whole album is so good! their second album not so much though. lungs and under the tide are particular favourites!

@bryn I will seek it out, thanks for the recommendation! :)

@bryn handy because I'm both camp AND loveable!!

ill be sure to check this track out asap!!!

@bryn this dang song... i was obsessed with this song for a hot hot minute when Andorra came out. How it blasts open with the vocals like the intro got cut off, the weird slightly modernized psychedelia... *stefan voice* “this song has it all”

@tisiphone the only other caribou song i know is bees!! which is incredible. i need to listen to more!

@bryn ooh I don’t know that one off the top of my head I’ll have to give it a listen

@bryn No!!

it IS really good!!

(I'm going to listen to it a lot after this)

@zac hell yeah!! this and true loves off the same album are really really neat

@bryn haven't heard this in years! I might still have their album somewhere in the house 😀

@ADUB i have both their albums and genuinely love a lot of the tracks 😅😅😅 glad i'm not the only one!!

@afroSwampMonster yes!!! i listened to this obsessively for soooo long


I see why! It's good af, will be adding this to my playlist 💅🏾💅🏾

@bryn ok this is a bad ass song but you were right the fucking lyrics on Genius are 100% wrong and I'm so confused lmao

@bryn i went straight for the bonobo mix and i like it a lot

@healyn it's a lot less spooky than the original! if you like that, bonobo's remix of turtle by pilote is really lovely

@bryn i like the spooky original too! kinda reminds me of Portishead

@healyn ahhh yes i love portishead!! specifically dummy. wandering star is absolutely stunning

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