if you turn up for gender studies without your gender they make you go through lost property and borrow a sweaty old one :-/

@bryn burst out laughing at this but also had flashbacks at the same time so this really was a rollercoaster of a post

@cerret i still can't believe schools were allowed to make people wear ancient lost pe kit lmao Gross

slightly gross 

slightly gross 

@bryn this is why I scribble my nickname and all the cheat notes on the inside cover of my gender, in case a future wizard or witch finds it by accident.

@bryn they often check if you have gender, but they never make you use it in class

it's like, the bookstore isn't gonna take it back when the semester ends, some people don't even bother bringing one in

@bryn This is true. I got stuck with cisgendered male that way.

@bryn it's the wooooooooooooooooooooooooooorst!

that almost happened to me once but luckily one of my friends had a spare. 😣

@bryn i feel like this already happened when i turned up for being born

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