49 of you thought this worthy of sharing to your followers. mastodon is crumbling and many are blaming Your poor taste in toots

@bryn Not enough times to summon them.
...as far as I know.

@bryn eldwitch abowomintations beywond ur wildest compwahention!!!! La! La!

you have 964 followers. there's bound to be a certain percentage of "questionable" individuals in there. the real question is, is it therefore YOUR responsibility to act accordingly and not post things like that in the first place? 😜

@Azotad everyone knows 964 followers means about 253 real people, and they all follow me *because* of horrible posts like this

@bryn that they follow you because of them is our of the question. but whether they're boosting them...

@matt oh i read this as a disapproving lol :''''' thank you!! you're pretty neato too ✨

@bryn absolutely not disapproving. just love the toots.

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