Is This Content Warning a Shitpost: the tooter's gamble

@yu idk like you can just, not open it if it might be bad tbh

@bryn @yu choosing to just not click on anything that might be a shitpost taking advantage of a serious cw? That does not sound like an actual solution to this problem.

@Wewereseeds @yu i'm very open to correction here but my take is that if you see a post that's like "CW: paul ryan, vore" it doesn't really matter if it's actually related to the CW or it just says "poo poo pee pee" bc either way if you don't open it you're not missing out. idk if i'm making myself clear here or if i'm forgetting to consider stuff

@bryn @Wewereseeds @yu
I am pretty sure they are more referring to serious CWs like “Discourse” or “meta” or “Pol” or whatever is being discussed. Things where one wouldn’t expect a shitpost. If you put “vore” or “kink” or “lewd” in a CW with a serious topic, I would say most people have a better idea that a shit post is coming.

@AudreyJune @Wewereseeds @yu right!! ok i was thinking of it the wrong way round. obviously i don't think the actual correct CWs for a shitpost should be sacrificed so you can tag it "pol" or whatever so people open it not expecting something gross/bad. thanks for clarifying!

@Wewereseeds @AudreyJune @yu personally i think it would have been nicer if you'd all yelled at me for being a horrible inconsiderate person until i had to block you! /s

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