There's @bryn and me, a Brynn. So the next Bryn that arrives on mastodon should be Brynnn, and the next a Brynnnn and so on.

@FrazzledBrynn personally i would advocate for recruiting a brynley and a brynmor to our ranks...

@FrazzledBrynn while we're there we could get a brynne, bryna, brynna and a bryndon!

@scribblefrog @bryn @FrazzledBrynn @Bryanne we also need a Brynjolf so i stop wanting to call bryn brynjolf every time

@bryn @scribblefrog @FrazzledBrynn ok bryn i will not call you brynjolf even though it is a very great name

@toilet @bryn @FrazzledBrynn tch honestly whom would not want to be the esteemed jarl of wh- no wait bollocks wait brynjolf's the thief. i always mix that bastard up with balgruuf

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