masto: are you sure you wanna block the whole instance? what about the nice people there? what if you're losing out? why not just block this one shit head instead of all of them? why not-

i made a fucking typo in the image description, that's meant to say crowd not crown urgrgh

@bryn I'll start my own instance without connecting it to the fediverse and I'll be the only user. Everybody is cancelled but me.

@pupper i think i need to do this so i can post all my intrusive thoughts

@bryn wow I don't think I've ever met anyone as canceled as you

@balrogboogie sometimes if you know an instance tolerates shit like that you just know it's gotta go!!!

@bryn If there were some way to validate this approach more aggressively than just boosting it, I would do that.

Unfortunately all I can do is just click that button with particular joy, and so I have done.

@Cobalt blocking is good! blocking is cathartic! blocking keeps the garbage out!

@bryn And quite fuckin frankly, contrary to the "if you block the very worst ppl, someday you'll block everything forever!!!" doomsayers, I've found that the more ppl can trust that actual bad faith assholes are going to be shown the door, the easier it is for everyone to very slightly chill out and extend good faith to the folks who are left.

Ounce of prevention, pound of cure, etc.

@bryn When I was still Very On Zucksite, my page was one of the most peaceful I knew despite my willingness to fight & block anybody. Well. Because of, obviously.

And that meant ppl could just... interact like ppl, because they knew my hideous great-aunt Patricia wasn't going to MAGA in to derail everything, bc odds are I already quite happily alienated her like two years ago.

And now there is peace in the land~

Some of the political work I'm most proud of, sad to say, just modeling that. :0

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