i put this in someone's replied once but i have a cishet friend called duncan and one night we all dressed up as goths and went out and he liked his black nail polish so much that he started painting his nails. he got really good at obscenely intricate designs really quickly and when i asked him why he said it was years of painting warhammer figures lmao

he sometimes paints his nails to match his girlfriend's it's super cute

@bryn that's adorable. I used to paint mine but I never did it enough to be skilled at it.

@Vqrxtvs yeah same i don't have the patience... it takes sooooo long

@bryn omg i got my dad to paint my nails as a kid bc he was better than my mom bc he painted model planes as a kid!

@bryn holy shit this makes so much sense..... now I know how to practice

@bryn my wife once had me do her makeup and it turned out really well for the exact same reason

@Thomas i feel like that's more impressive bc nail polish is just painting a design whereas with make up you need like...... some idea of where things are *meant* to go??

@bryn when you paint Warhammer figures long enough you start getting an idea of how to shade and highlight! I guessed at which of her brushes to use

@Thomas jeepers!!! that's really cool tbh i didn't realise warhammer figure painting was *quite* so intricate

@bryn it can be! It’s one of my favorite things to do! I get really relaxed and focused. It’s wonderful.

@Thomas @bryn I love building but I just don't enjoy painting.

@robotcarsley @bryn I love building and painting but I never play. Painting took a long time to get comfortable with.

@Thomas @bryn you need to post your projects on here. I don't have my minis right now to reciprocate (and most aren't painted anyway) but I'd love to see some Warhammer content on here

@robotcarsley @bryn I may have posted some stuff before? I'm working on a big project right now. Doing a bunch of conversions and a fun paint scheme.

@Thomas @bryn what armies do you usually work with? I can't stop building Ork stuff because individual mekboy creativity is such a part of their kultur. I only have one of each vehicle kit built because I can't bear the idea of a standard design. Any additional I try to match the dimensions but make it distinct

@robotcarsley I usually just buy whatever models I like! I have around 250+ Skaven models (around 5000 pts), a big Space Marine army, Imperial Guard, AdMech, Necrons, Death Guard, 40k Orks a really big Blades of Khorne army that is probably my best painted, Ogres, Beastmen, almost every warband for Warhammer Underworlds. I'm working on Stormcast right now and already have my models for my next project which is Kharadron.

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