if you're ever in st andrews go to the botanic gardens!!

i'm really pleased with how some of these came out, particularly the tall tree in the first post, the orange flower and the variegated leaves..... my phone camera isn't great but it did a good job there

fuck I'm so pleased with these pictures. the more i look the more i like them

@bryn wow you took these with a phone camera?? they’re beautiful!

@pisscotheque thank you!! i've never ever managed to take photos this sharp with my phone before idk what happened but i'm very happy

@bryn I've heard about them before! My high school had an exchange program with one in St. Andrews and a friend told me about how beautiful that botanical garden is

@anarchiv oh was that with st leonards?? yeah st andrews is beautiful generally. fuckin expensive though...

@bryn could be, at least that one sounds familiar. I'm gonna try and look it up

@bryn yes! it was Madras College. entering the name of my old school into that search engine gave me a heartburn but it was worth it

@anarchiv i went there a couple of times to speak to their nascent LGBT society, don't know too much about it though... cool lil ruins out the front

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