What If Your Activism Didn't Tell Me Not to Do That Harmful Thing I Like Doing, Then Maybe I Would Like It Better: a thinkpiece

I Agreed With Your Analysis When I Could Distance Myself from It But Now You're Telling Me I'm Part of the Problem I Think You're an Oversensitive SJW, an editorial

Unreasonable to Expect Me With My Position of Privilege to Take Concrete Action on This Issue (am I the Real Oppressed One Here?): a blog post

Can You Back Up Your Claim With an Example, No, Not That One: the Facebook reply

This Clearly Documented Pattern of Behaviours Can Be Explained Away Each Time, Actually: the high school debate champion

Just to Play Devil's Advocate I'm Going to Be a Piece of Shit: the friend of a friend

@moth i need this said to me at least daily, for my wellbeing, from now on

@bryn What You've Got To Understand Is That People In The Past Had It Worse So You Can't Complain Now, a response

The Goals of Civil Rights Movements Which Are Safely in the Past Are Quite Admirable; However Their Contemporary Counterparts Want Me To Change and Have Thus Gone Too Far, a YouTube essay

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