just pulled a piece of till paper out of my pocket. it says "oath worm" on it. i thought during work today that this would make a good post

not to be confused with oaf worm: useless, clumsy fool of a worm

so apparently it did make a good post. i've never started a meme before

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more oath worm, death-adjacent Show more

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oath worm poem Show more

oath worm poem Show more


i'm intrigued. what can you tell us about this oath worm?

@bryn @bryn swearing a vow by the oath worm to protect the earth at all costs

@bryn trying to rearrange the letters into something fun but the best I have so far is "wat hormo"

@pig @bryn

Oath Worm: A hot worm, wart homo, moo wrath, oo warmth,


my profile is an

@bryn ah i found the og post. i can finally take the oath. my journey is at an end

@bryn I can't help but imagine an accent that would turn "earth" into "oath"

Yarr, we goit some oath worms in stork, ye be plonnin a gorden, eh?

@bryn just a sloppy 'earth warm' climate change complaint. ;)

They till the oath one cubic centimeter at a time. Cool, dark, spongey oath shot through with oathworms.

@HYPERLINK @bryn I have taken the oath of the worm, I will not marry or bear children. I will not fail the worm until my dying breath.

@starwall @bryn just took the Oath Worm Challenge, which means I say "oh worm?" instead of "oh word?" until all my friends get tired of Hanging out with me anymore,

@bryn a cousin of the vouchworm (a harbinger), the oathworm is a squishy herald of nemesis to come

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