fediverse over the garden wall watch party when

i've never talked about how much i love OTGW here before i don't think but i've watched it through twice and i just think it's the perfect balance of cute/silly/funny/creepy. it's so deeply unsettling and so relatable and it is Wonderful

maybe i should actually schedule this. i have a day off next saturday...

are people interested in watching OTGW next saturday maybe......
(if you haven't seen it yet you should be interested. it's good)

@bryn it's my favorite dang cartoon ever i must have seen it like 100 times!! it's unreasonably good 😭

@selontheweb i probably like it better than steven universe and i like steven universe A Lot!! i think the characters are so beautifully done and also wirt is very me although i'm trying to bring more greg energy into my life...

@bryn everything about is pristine, the music the settings ughhh 😭

i will say i used to identify with wirt so much but i feel like i'm much more of Benjamin Franklin/wirt Jr. these days

@selontheweb i honestly hate that it's so much more difficult to get people to watch it because it's a children's show!! it's so entertaining anyway aa

@bryn ugh this is real. i find folks are usually so hooked by the end of ep 2 with pottsfield hahahaha

@selontheweb @bryn i hadn't heard of it before this post actually but will give it a shot tonight :ms_blushing:

@greg @selontheweb cute, innocent, reckless, charming in this specific context i guess? good character to share a name with imo

@dirt dang my only other day off until april is a monday :-/ i will watch it again though tbh

@bryn have someone live-toot it and i'll catch up that way :)

@bryn 🎵 Oh, Potatoes and Molasses!
If you want some, oh just ask us
There're warm and soft like puppies and socks
Filled with cream and candy rocks 🎵

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