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Hey folks: I've decided to go ahead and make a Patreon to help defray the cost of running

You can help out here if you want; I will also be posting scribbles and music snippets and things as well, do there is something in the way of rewards, too.

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of Amontillado (1994)

When Fortunato (Jim Carrey) is trapped in a wine cellar by his supposed friend Montresor, he finds a strange mask that grants him bizarre powers

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Thinking of buying a drill, but like, for a bit.

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I'm already in my 30s, so one day soon I'm going to, all at once, run out of content.

I absolutely love arctic foxes they're adorable

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imagine someone made a game where the premise is "it's pubg but we want people to have fun"

Don't hit on me (please hit on me remix) feat. XXtra-shy

one time i knew a guy named geoff. he put his # in my phone labeled geoff. his social media said geoff. we hung out for 3 years, i thought of him as a Geoff. i watched him fill out a job application and learned his legal name was jeff and just didn’t like how it looked aesthetically and tbh i can’t get over it to this day

Don't hit on me (please hit on me remix) feat. XXtra-shy

definitely not. Swimsuits and bathing suits. Trunks for stuff that's just going to write something intended for single-user hosting that won't hog too much though.

Casserole and Soup modelling the Spring/Summer monarch range

I love Free Open Source Software. Like Google for example. It's free when you use it and you can view source when you go online, and it has so many services!! Like docs which is just like MS Office, and the Google home so it listens to me all the time in case I want something. Everyone should use #FOSS imo

Ah yes, the famous Fuckin' In Fuckin' Out (FIFO) buffer

We're back with another slapper from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest totally slaps.

Toots about shoes require me to expand filtered statuses and make a big achievement sometimes.

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