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of Amontillado (1994)

When Fortunato (Jim Carrey) is trapped in a wine cellar by his supposed friend Montresor, he finds a strange mask that grants him bizarre powers

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work (-) 

He users 🤝​ Xe users
having your pronoun on the periodic table

what do you do when you are consumed by anger

[extremely some of the people I work with voice] Hi, I'm a developer who can't be arsed to understand the meaning of any of the keys that are involved in using this third-party API I'm working with! 🎉

sudo dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/feelings

sudo rm -rf /dev/feelings (do not execute in prod)

toxic shitpost 

My DNA test came back: I'm 100% not even mad, bro. I'm laughing actually.

Is medicalism in general a recognized concept? The practice and view by which any deviation from a perceived norm is deemed an illness in need of diagnosis, treatment, or cure?

Specifically it feels like "early diagnosis means early treatment" which is extremely medicalist.

I have a question about ads promoting early screening for autism.

I feel like the idea of knowing what your children's needs are as soon as possible is great, but like... Idk they all feel like propaganda somehow?

actually hot take 

drug mention 

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