I'm already in my 30s, so one day soon I'm going to, all at once, run out of content.

You will see me reposting old conspiracy memes on the timelime and yelling about how the kids don't like anything good anymore.

@kelbesque I'm approaching 40 and I've been out of Content for years

@kelbesque your cells produce less content beginning at age 28. it is known

@kelbesque I'm 38 and 100% of my content is fresh grade-A certified fantast- (suddenly breaks down crying) oh god it's just all such awful shitposting I've done nothing with my life

@kelbesque oh I'm proof that it's possible to, at minimum, switch from content to utter nonsensical bullshit for at least another decade. ;)

@kelbesque well then, if you call that content, then I think you have nothing to worry about till at LEAST 40.

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