Thinking of buying a drill, but like, for a bit.

@pbandkate posts like this are how I know you're still reading 💖💖💖

It would be cheaper to just buy a drill bit?! You don't need to buy a whole drill just to get one

@QuakerWanker hey friend! The joke doesn't scan as well that way. Thanks for your input though.

No matter how good a bit it is a bit is never worth wasting a drill for

@QuakerWanker ok friend. I'm muting you now, thanks for your contributions.

@lukesci Hey there! It looks like you're trying to tag along on one of my old joke toots, where I equivocate on the meaning of "a bit", meaning "a comedy routine", vs. "a bit", the thing which is slotted into the chuck of the drill and then rotated to create holes in materials.

You've attempted to make your tag-along funny by introducing a third sense of "a bit", meaning "a short time", but your rejoinder is so unfunny and so delayed (by over a year!) that you just look like a shitty reply guy.

@kelbesque Hmm, I see what you mean. If I were saying my toot above to an IRL friend, familiarity and tone of voice would immediately lead them to discount the surface meaning of a rude correction, but here both of those are absent, and I didn't adjust for that. Your response seems extreme to me, even with my understanding of the above, but you do make a good point.

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