Reminder to everyone that downloading toots without explicit consent from their creators is piracy, which is theft.

@kelbesque Gonna copy this toot and paste it in to Toots to Save.doc on my C: drive.

@kelbesque you do toot crimes you pay the TOOT TIME

@kelbesque No, but you'd better believe I'd download a car if I could and needed one.

@floppyplopper while this is true, it sort of misses the original point, which is that every time you view a toot you are, in fact, downloading it.

I'm sorry. I tooted out because there was "why do people assume communists want their toothbrush" discourse and I hoped you would be amused.

I thought your OT was funny.

Nazi's are always saying that communists are coming for your toothbrushes.

I think I saw someone recently ask who actually wants to steal toothbrushes to please confess.

@floppyplopper if only I had known about this discourse beforehand!

You made a good toot and I'm sorry I didn't appreciate it at first

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