I need to 3D print a copy of the shirt I'm wearing today so I can convert one version of it into a tank top.


I actually have two exact copies of some really nice jeans, and I want to turn one of the pairs into jorts, but I don't want to hurt my babies. they fit so well and don't have holes yet :/

@baronnarcveldt wait for one to get holes somewhere, and then convert that pair!


definitely. I'm actually so excited to have jorts that i know in advance will fit really well that I'm considering buying a sewing machine this weekend just to be ready lol

@baronnarcveldt yessssss do it

I can recommend beginner patterns too that you can parley into making beautiful dresses and pants and shirts if you don't already know how to work patterns!!


I don't know! But i definitely want to get into sewing and embroidery. partner has all the stuff for embroidery, so it's just a matter of doing it lol

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