Who wants to co-found a professional org for trans people in tech?

This is not a joke by the way, I want to do this.

@kelbesque i’m interested but i doubt i have the capacity to be a founder

@nova that's legitimate! I'd love it if you could boost to add visibility, if you feel comfortable with that!

@kelbesque I'm not sure I'd have the time to be a cofounder but wish to subscribe to your mailing list as it were

@iliana I'll consider this thread the mailing list subscription of record, so to speak. 💖

@loki @iliana @kelbesque tripled.

I fear being out at work for very selfish acquired privilege and capitalism worries.

I have no idea how to broach the subject :ohno: .

Anyway, would follow 100%. Echo the time commitment issue.

@adasauce @loki @iliana honestly the way it happened for me was to have a safety net ready in re: another job, because I was already on the verge of quitting anyway, and I interviewed out to sniff out employers who wouldn't want me if I was trans/NB. So, extremely relatable. Will keep people posted.

@kelbesque @loki @iliana thanks for sharing your story.

I'm unfortunately locked in via "golden handcuffs" in this venture as well as potentially a next. While I know that some execs are fine, I'm sure some would go out of their way to be ruinous (boys club, cigars, strippers, et al.).

I know it's my own hill to climb and the obstacle is truly myself and being honest, but finding alternatives that don't leave my family on the street leaves me weary. hashtag capitalism

@kelbesque We'd love to, but we're between jobs at the moment, and thus a poor representative for that.

Let us know when you have it going, we'd love to make a contribution.


100% in support of this. By the way, have you heard of TransTech Social? I submitted an application to join but haven't received a response yet. Apparently before she was on Pose, Angelica Ross was a self taught webdev, so she started something pretty similar a couple of years back in Chicago.

@kelbesque i'm interested as well. happy to help however i can!

What kind of org?

Or, more clearly, what do you want there org to do, both in the high level view and in the sorta regular interaction?








@kelbesque not sure I have enough time to participate but definitely interested.

@kelbesque alternatively, you could join an already created social network for trans people in tech and support a black trans woman that created it:

@crookedtricking Thank you for the suggestion! I love that TransTech Social exists, but I and a number of other people I know applied and never heard back, and I know other folks who joined but felt deterred from participating by not being in Chicago.

@kelbesque weird, I wonder what’s going on that applications haven’t been approved

@crookedtricking Honestly, I imagine they're pretty busy. They do a lot, it doesn't seem unreasonable for applications for free memberships to fall through the cracks. 🙂

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