What's a good way to respond to people who advocate a "we're all human, our differences don't matter" attitude? Especially a coworker.

@kelbesque What I like to do is use the Mr. Rogers approach. So I'd say something along the lines of -

It's true we are all human and when we think about that we have shared rights shared dignity shared worth. But unfortunately our differences make it so that these things that we share, such as human dignity, are overlooked because of those differences. This doesn't mean differences are bad. I think we can all agree that our differences make us interesting! What it means is that we need

@kelbesque to teach everyone to see those differences and embrace the other as a person who shares their dignity.

I always come at it from thinking about how woudl Mr. Rogers frame it, and how could I discuss something stripped down real simple with kids...and then I talk to people like kids, and usually kids are smarter than adults so hey

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