People who think sexuality is a simple function of gender have no idea how quantum gender works, and probably won't even comprehend CLASSICAL gender.

First you have to understand the classical gender forces: gender gravity, in which each person's gender has some attractive component to others' genders according to the proportional magnitude of the genders.

Then there's gender electromagnetism, in which some attractive or repulsive component is contributed based on each gender's net charge.

It's important to note that bonds may form between genders to create more complex and intricate genders with different expressiveness, and that the strength of those bonds is determined not by a match of net charge but by the surface structures of the genders contributing to the bond.

Also keep in mind that even if an atomic gender exists in a gender molecule, the properties of the molecular gender may be totally unrecognizable from it constituent genders.

Isomeric genders, with the same constituent genders but different structural arrangements, may also look, act, and bind completely different from one another.

@kelbesque This implies the existence of gender waves which might be detectable when two objects of extreme gender orbit one another, and the waves distort other objects.

Like when you see someone of such strong gender you start to question your own.

@kelbesque Of course if you progress further into the subatomic realm you will encounter the properties of top, bottom, charm and strange

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