[Dracula at the blood donation drive]

nurse: Have you ever had any sexual contact with a man?

Dracula: What is a man?!

nurse, sighing heavily: Sorry, sir. Have you ever had any sexual contact with a miserable little pile of secrets?

@kelbesque This, this toot right here. I want to peel off one of those little gold star stickers from the roll I keep with me and plap the sticker right on to the toot.

@polychrome I'm still trying to figure out what this sequence of emoji means. It mystifies and captivates me.

@kelbesque it's an emoji reenactment of the infamous moment from the "what is man?" scene where Dracula tosses his glass of wine before attacking the player.

Interestingly the dialogue (and quality of voice acting) is completely different in the Japanese version, but the terrible English version is so much more fun:


I always think of 💨 as a fart so I was very confused

@polychrome honestly, Japanese dialog often feels very straight. I like it a lot when translators have fun with it.

@kelbesque there is a joke to be made about diogenes fucking a chicken here

@kelbesque dracula has a point. wtf does the blood donation drive think counts as "a man"

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