selfie, eye contact, boosts/compliments encouraged please 

Model photo with no eye contact, but I absolutely 100% want to make this coat.

Also, where do I get a belt like that?? I guess I could make one out of heavy canvas instead of leather...

selfies, eye contact 

This may be the best photo of me. (cw selfie, eye contact)

selfie, eye contact 

transfeminine makeup, selfie, eye contact, skin close-up 

transfeminine makeup, selfie, eye contact 

selfie, eye contact, boosts & replies ++++++ 

cursed, food adjacent, teeth 

Dommeing my interview candidate by high femmeing. (cw selfie, eye contact)

I'm interviewing a guy for a Staff Software Engineer position today so they'd be ready for Big Trans Energy. (cw selfie, eye contact)

Feeling womanly without a bra on? In MY body?

It's more likely than you think. Free selfie check. (cw selfie, eye contact)

skirt picture, nude but not lewd, my breasts, selfie, no eye contact 

model photo, eye contact 

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