If you can't handle my tall as shit, strong as shit femby energy, you can go fuck yourself. (cw selfie, eye contact)

Reading a book to my baby when I come across this extremely @byttyrs vibe.

This dad is disappointed in you, and is going to give you a stern talking to. (cw selfie, eye contact)

A little bit sweaty but mostly pretty (cw selfie, eye contact)

Hi, I designed a new NB symbol based off the Hades symbol from Uranian Astrology.

One, I like the idea that it's Hades, but also the broken circle admits all of its surrounding space into the symbol, and inversion of the tails from the mirrors of Venus and Mars represent both the presence and subversion of binary gender ideas and norms.


I bought a bunch of new femme shoes and am getting a free canvas backpack, so that's neat!

I'm living for myself today. Boosts encouraged (cw selfie, implied eye contact through sunglasses)

Made myself a cute as shit hairband tonight. I'm cute and smol. (cw selfie, eye contact)

I like this nail color. 💅 (cw selfie, eye contact)

I'm trying to decide on my next jewelry aesthetic, which will then guide my next few clothing purchases. My current look is mostly simple metals, except for my engagement ring.

Should I go:

ultra-shine on cut and polished gems?

heavy hippie with raw/uncut gems?

or full elf, with ornate nature-inspired metalwork?

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