Eugen: *asks for feedback*

A ton of people: *gives negative feedback*


This sink is too dang tall for this.

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This is not my original content but I must share it with you. (originally from @crunchleaf@twitter)

And then in 2002, we get... this. Adam's outfit is very early 2000s on-trend for cartoons, with the sleeveless vest over a sleeveless shirt. He-Man returns to his barbarian design roots, but...

This series REALLY emphasizes the distinction between Adam and He-Man visually. He-Man is absolutely ENORMOUS compared to Adam, and Adam apparently is no longer capable of holding up the Sword of Power with one hand, but after transforming he has already switched to a one-handed grip.

In the 1990 New Adventures of He-Man both are dramatically redesigned. Adam's outfit is nondescriptly between Greek and nomadic middle eastern.

As He-Man he's still roughly the same size as Adam; he does bulk up a little--there's more bulk on his arms and it looks even like his face is more chiseled.

This iteration of He-Man has more of a Rambo vibe than Conan, with a chestband evoking a bandolier and full pants.

It's worth noting that in this series, He-Man has been "summoned to the future".

We'll start with 1983's He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Note that He-Man is the same size and build as Adam. The transformation into He-Man mostly serves to show off muscle which is roughly the same bulk as when he is Adam.

It's hard to tell here because of the lighting in the two shots, but He-Man's hair color and skin color are both darker than Adam's.

He-Man appears as kind of a Barbarian Warrior, a la Conan.

What is this??? What is She-Ra doing with her body and her left hand?????

Where is your hot dad now??

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tb to the time I had short hair, a beard, this terrible bomber jacket that the zipper broke off of and which I replaced with a paper clip, and also these douchy blue sunglasses

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I didn't order these shoes but they were delivered to me anyway! And, uh, okay!!

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