selfie, no eye contact, underwear but not lewd 

Good news, I won't be changing my earrings again for a while (cw selfie, no eyes)

I got new glasses. The rainbow ones will have "Gender is fake" engraved on the outer arms and the pink ones will say "oxidation"

Elk doe are feminine but also extremely handsome. Thank you for attending my TED talk

selfie, eye contact 

lewd implied imagery 

OK I see the shrimp on there, but I'm PRETTY sure this is an oral sex joke. (CW: model photo, eye contact)

Fffffffffuck yes give me this now. (CW: model photo, eye contact)

Wear this tank when you think your workout buddy is cheating on you with the guy in the power rack. (CW: model photo, eye contact)


Given "kissing under the mistletoe", I can't tell if it's worse if this was intentional or accidental. (cw: model photo, eye contact)

Is this the sweatshirt equivalent of a shitpost? (CW: model photo, eye contact)

OK but actually this sweater, unironically. (CW: model photo, eye contact)

selfie, no eye contact 

food (++++++) 

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