When you're a disgusting boug with house cleaners who have a sense of humor

Two years ago today I was still working at Credit Karma, though not for much longer. I went to a drawing group at lunch and drew these, which convinced me that I wasn't totally useless at art. (cw: it's two pencil drawings of eyes.)

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Supplied without comment except "wtf", a comment in a Facebook thread arguing that "breaking the rules is always immoral"

tw: incoherent bootlicking

Now is a good time to tell or remind you that my fat cat and my dog are beasties. (cw: animals)

For those of you who haven't seen it, I had this idea for a tattoo that I want to get. The idea is that it's three pieces that all come together.

The left shoulder blade is a hamsa, the right shoulder blade is the Magen David, and then the big-ass tree of life pulls them all together.

The shoulder blade pieces will be made of twisting branches which would then grow out of the tree once the tree is done.

Hi, yes, I want this jumpsuit. Time to go to the fabric store and buy the pattern. And then figure out how to modify it for my body type because it's meant to fit people who are 5'6". :3c

Oh, I beat Celeste in less than an hour. 🎉

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Wh... why are you trying to correct "feasible" to "possible"????????

We're moving offices so tomorrow is a mandatory work from home day. Thus, today is now Thancy Thursday. (Selfie, no eye contact)

Things I have (all still functional):
- Gameboy Advance
- Original DS (CHONK STYLE)
- DS Lite
- 3DS (Legend of Zelda Limited Edition)
- New 3DS XL (Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Limited Edition)
- New 3DS XL (Legend of Zelda Limited Edition)
- Japanese New 3DS with Majora's Mask face plate

If the category for this card hadn't been labeled "son & wife" this card would have a VERY different, EVEN SHITTIER vibe.

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