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I accidentally burnished my metal because I didn't texture it before bending it

So now I know how to burnish!

selfie, eye contact 

underwear selfie, no eye contact 

I wrote "гросериз" on our whiteboard, and my partner wrote "NO!! 😡 продукты". I guess she didn't appreciate my creative take on Russian. 😂

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selfie, underwear, no eye contact 

selfie, nude, hand covering crotch, no eye contact, kind of (-) 

Selfie, eye contact, flirt 

Let's us a physical metaphor: Think about a US three-pin power outlet. This power outlet has two asymmetric rectangular sockets, and one half-capsule ground socket.

That's the interface. There's a lot of other stuff inside the plug, and the circuit it's connected to could be built in different ways, but in order to build a device that attaches to this kind of socket, you only really need to know what the outlet looks like, so you can build a matching plug,

Hair comparison between early November and now. There's a ways to go but that's some improvement right there.

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