We need to go deeper (cw: selfie in screenshot, eye contact)

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What if this metallic green lipstick goes so well with my eyes? (cw selfie, eye contact)

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Okay so this is definitely a look. (cw selfie, eye contact)


Hi so I ordered these shoes because they ostensibly come in my size, and I'm nervous about how I will feel about them for MOSTLY nonsense reasons.

It's Monday, peep this fantastic shirt. (cw selfie, eye contact)

I found the best fabric for @Ophillous (cw: embroidered bees)

Sorry not sorry to post more Celeste speedrunning nonsense but I'm so excited to have gotten my any% time to the low 42s. I felt like I was making no progress whatsoever.

I think bowties suit me. (cw: selfie, eye contact)

"Who are you?"

"I'm you, from another TIMELIME."

(cw: selfie, no eye contact)

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