Borderlands: the game series that ALMOST commits to anti-capitalism, but can't resist throwing in a few "good" CEOs of the megacorporations that made space a flaming hellscape

@healyn well seeing as how Prince existed on a separate plane of existence it isn't our place to know

@eightbitsamurai I haven't played either of those; I'll have to check them out!

selfie with titties, drugs, and a bad attitude 🖤 

@popstar sochestlism?



ah fuck it I want in

halloween party 

@skelltan you don't know for sure, you can just reasonably infer sometimes

What To Do When You're Sad About Being Muted

girl: *is pretty and looks in my general direction*

me: :blobsweats:

@breakfastgolem @selontheweb @mcknze shitposting is just the Mastodon version of quantitative easing.

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