selfie, no eye contact 

selfie, ec 

@velexiraptor Kaiden is a name that always makes me think of sushi on a conveyor belt. 🤔

in the large hardon collider, i've smashed words together to create the ultimate transmasc name:


Are you seriously telling me that with all the white supremacist imperialism going on in the world today, currently, right now, there are white ‘leftists’ railing against... the Aztecs

I am putting a pink streak in my hair when I get home.

@backwardsflow @sobsz If you're ever caught in a "mistake" about Hitchhiker's lore, you can always say that you're referring to the version in some obscure medium --- i.e., not the radio plays, novels, TV show, movie, computer game or beach towel, but the trademark-skirting Cluedo knockoff that was only sold in Wales during the fall of 1983. It does not matter whether this version "exists" in a mundane sense, only whether one would read it and say, "Yes, Douglas Adams would have liked that."

I accidentally burnished my metal because I didn't texture it before bending it

So now I know how to burnish!

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