If your show about the police hasn’t been accused of being anti-cop propaganda then it is worthless to me.

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ringing a tiny silver bell (that's the signal for my gentleman callers to send nudes)

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Look I'm not ashamed of the fact that I think button flies, especially with three or more buttons, are inherently hot.

This food take brought to you by a totally unrelated toot that contained a word sometimes used to describe food.

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@lastprincess that's true, Weakanbad is my favorite Pokemon and I'll never let it evolve into Stronganbad

clawing at the people in the media for enby representation thats not just tall skinny andro white people

It's not like hemp, either. Soy fabric is apparently both durable and comfortable.

Apparently soy fabric is a thing, so if you are a boi, you can buy clothing made from it and be a soyboi.

@Minty @Ophillous unfortunately its release is being held up in postcum production.

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