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Listening to "The Extreme" from Final Fantasy VIII (Nobuo Uematsu) and this song feels like a mishmash of Final Fantasy Legend II (Nobuo Uematsu, Kenji Ito) and Parasite Eve (Yoko Shimomura)

It's a good song.

Epilator on my face or neck is way too painful but on the rest of my body is substantially better than shaving

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Hm yes. Today I will do white people things.


Fun nature fact: hedgehogs are just kiwis that weren't picked soon enough to eat. If a hedgehog is left on the vine for too long, its spikey coating will grow too heavy and the mature rodent inside will molt and leave it behind.

Porcupines are badgers who have discovered these shed skins and begun to wear them as an extra defense mechanism.

i. hate sparkling water so much... Why would you do that to yourself,, it's Water that HURTS

I'm bisexual because I'm attracted to both kinds of people: people who would be good for me but aren't interested and people who are interested but bad for me

windows: how likely is it that you recommend windows to a friend 1-10
people: people dont recommend OS's to each other during normal conversations lol
linux users: hi

Filtering out posts with my handle in them so nobody can @ me

Spamming the timelime because my brain has switched into MASTOMODE

I don't workshop jokes so much as I immediately post any fragment of a thought that crosses my mind

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