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Sorry for the inconvenience but from now on this account only posts random Russian words in arbitrary cases.

Forgot to show you all my new pastel blue shirt.

And, apparently, my nipples.

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big fan of telling women to leave their boring boyfriends

brad: [takes a sip of coffee] mmm! that's good praxis!
sam: That's not what that word means.
brad: then what does it mean?
brad: [takes another sip of coffee]

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back in my day we were grateful if we got a mood of any size,

me: if this were online i'd post that surprised eevee face

other person: uh, it's surprised pikachu


You know who has a head attached to some shoulders? @byttyrs, that's who.

ok complaint time

NO i’m not CWing this shit

Mastodon NEEDS a separate, dedicated DM button

They had some hypertechnical terms to throw around. It was a bad scene.

Remembering the time someone on IRC got mad at me for saying I was bi because "bisexuals have equal attraction to men and women".

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