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I've decided that jimmies in trans flag colors are sallies. Sorry folks.

In the end I posted this but I was extremely nervous about it.

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sex is fucked up. who came up with that shit

I met poly folks in college, and they showed me The Ethical Slut

I would not say that I was a good partner at the time, though this is true of a lot of college students.

poly folks, if you're game, tell me how you figured out that you were poly / that poly is a thing you can be

how did I hit on two people in the replies to my post about forming a nunnery of one...

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@kelbesque I'm glad you asked. I have used the Smart Scissors tool in the GIMP to snip out the ears from a photograph of a black cat, pasted it into a photo of Justin Trudeau, scaled the ears down, and trimmed unnecessary parts of the cat image, to create an image of Justin Trudeau as a 'nekomimi,' or catboy,

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I'm wearing my striped lime shirt with my Legend of Zelda t-shirt today so my top half is all yellow and green atm, and then I matched the white stripes on the shirt with my white jeans.

My shoes are white and gold striped.

I look fly.

god grant me the serenity to not hate read the tls of people i've blocked, the courage to respect the boundaries of people who've blocked me, and the wisdom to occasionally log the fuck off

might fuck around and take control of my online experience by simply not interacting with people who make me uncomfortable anxious or upset

I know about your secret. 

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