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I made friends on LJ who were, and it seemed so appealing.

I was convinced I could do it even though my first love had just dumped me and I thought I was unlovable, heh. Turns out I was right, though.

sex is fucked up. who came up with that shit

I met poly folks in college, and they showed me The Ethical Slut

I would not say that I was a good partner at the time, though this is true of a lot of college students.

poly folks, if you're game, tell me how you figured out that you were poly / that poly is a thing you can be

how did I hit on two people in the replies to my post about forming a nunnery of one...

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@kelbesque I'm glad you asked. I have used the Smart Scissors tool in the GIMP to snip out the ears from a photograph of a black cat, pasted it into a photo of Justin Trudeau, scaled the ears down, and trimmed unnecessary parts of the cat image, to create an image of Justin Trudeau as a 'nekomimi,' or catboy,

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