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No matter what you do, I'm still cute. (CW selfie, eye contact)


lewd, bad idea 

bathroom selfie, lewd, no eye contact 

The Importance of Being Earnest Borgnine Goes to Camp

cold take, but presenting how you want is always more liberatory than presenting in ways that are "more natural" or otherwise decreed virtuous by liberal feminism

borders and the requirement of travel documents are fascist

A quintessential queer queues in quich quartile?

cursed food 

Yeeting myself across the room, screaming "FOR THE HONOR OF GAYSKULL" at the top of my lungs

I found the toot I was looking for; boost spam is over now.

Most of what people refer to as "memes" are actually "image Macrons", photographs of French president Emmanuel Macron.

Dear Prudence,

My baby keeps saying "wah, wah". I'm worried that he might be Wario in disguise. Any advice for a beleaguered parent?

Deceived in Detroit

When you nut in space

You're littering

$750 fine

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