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imagine being out at a cocktail party and your friend points at someone like "they literally wrote the book on consuming dick."

I returned to boy mode and tbh I'm still fycking cute. (cw selfies, eye contact)

you, bad, so last year: kirin armor gf

me, good, fashionable: girros armor nbf

@kelbesque alternatively, you could join an already created social network for trans people in tech and support a black trans woman that created it:

I have decided to post nonsense from now on

It's 9:15 AM (US Pacific Time). Do you know where your gender is?

a good youtube creator 

@webweaver these are just routine occurrences on Yakitate Ja-Pan!!, arguably the world's best anime about baking bread

hot English language take 

tfw there's no use in worrying now, and all you can do right now is get ahold of some rhubarb

:drake_dislike: support small businesses
:drake_like: support employee-owned businesses

bathroom selfie, lewd, no eye contact 

Who wants to co-found a professional org for trans people in tech?

This is not a joke by the way, I want to do this.

@kelbesque “hey have you tried DYING,” i scream, across the rush hour train

just heard someone on the train say “I’m literally doing nothing. I literally couldn’t be doing less.” which, hero.

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