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Thinking me a liberal, he pulls out the "Obama did it too," little realizing I am under no obligation to defend Obama.

May you be written and sealed in the Book of Life for whatever it is you most need out of life this year

You are forbidden from jestering me, male sibling.

controversial opinion 

What do you call a useless lesbian who's an enby? Because hot tall queer skateboarder from the train is on the platform with me, kind of catcalled me, and I'm just being useless and shy 😳😳😳

Grindr but for AFAB people 

what if instead of Frasier we just called it Cheers: Gaiden

@kelbesque (squeezing a lemon) This is more difficult than I was lead to believe.

skirt picture, nude but not lewd, my breasts, selfie, no eye contact 

Skirt update, I've created something that has thigh windows--like, imagine a thigh slit that doesn't go all the way down the the bottom. I can't decide if I like it or not. 🤔

Sometimes I forget that people exist until Facebook reminds me that it's their birthday and the question then is: "do I really need to remember that they, in particular, exist?"

Gender critical hit: you roll twice as many damage dice against gender

All our books will have simple illustrations of plants on the cover and have titles like "U Rly Need to Understand History"

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