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Facebook and passive confrontation 

Giving your nails time to breathe after a week and a half of bearing polish is praxis.


Sometimes I wish l could just constantly go off and tell so many folks here how much I adore them without weirding them out.

SOL can mean:

- serial over LAN
- satellite of love
- shit out of luck

hospitals (-) 

I spend hours raising digimon, and for what? I watch them grow, change, poop, eat, become sick and die only to be reborn as a creature that pretends to recognize you through its alien cycle of reincarnation. Is it worth it? I dont know. Its just what I do now.

It's just what I do.

@kelbesque well in 2024 when GNU purists take down the internet by exploiting a backdoor they created via the GCC compiler Linus does a complete rewrite for the new quantum architecture

Partner is sick. We were going to do takeout for dinner. What should I get for myself? 🤔

genital mention 

Honestly, "what the fuck eve" is me most of the time

cursed food 

The universe of nonsense is broadly amusing to me I think because it's mostly novel. Given arbitrary nonsense, it is almost certain that I've never experienced it before.

cursed food 

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