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labor division (-) 

I’m gonna stop telling people I’m Puerto Rican and start implying that I’m on here because MyAsstodon considers Italians PoC.

I'm sorry officer, but my religious doctrine requires my anus to be exposed to the maximum available natural light at all times.

lewd shitpost 


What words end in -oodle aside from poodle and doodle?

A return to the era where everything is implemented in hardware tyvm

There are other languages that I technically started to learn in those timeframes, but none that I can actually use in any meaningful way (see: German, French, Hebrew)

Gosh. It's been 26 years since I started learning Spanish, and 19 years since I started learning Japanese.


Hey, I just met you
Albino sperm whale
But here's my harpoon
So call me Ishmael

If I could be said to have a favorite person on Mastodon I would still never tell.

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