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don't tell lexi but I think she's cool and good

I spend a lot of time thinking about the ways in which I'm not yet the person I want to be, and I still haven't figured out if that's more good than bad for me. 😅

Me: "I will fight you"

Also me: "Actually I'm just going to shun you until you go away"

Me at the confessional: Forgive me father, for I'm a binch

Please DM me something nice. If we're mutuals, you may take liberties with what you think I'd find nice.

Me: *stopped being a prescriptivist years ago*
Also me: *still capitalizes Internet*

Me: *plays video games*
Also me: *talks to strangers on the Internet*

my sexuality is:

people i think are hot,
who also think i am hot.

i think thats called 'being sexual'.

I got a capture card and something to use my dSLR as a webcam and I'm very excited to make my streaming setup SUPER complicated

This is Darth Vader, so named because he's your dad.

This is Darth Sidious, so named because he's evil.

This is Darth Maul, so-named because he's very violent.

This is Darth Tyranus, so named because he's a fascist.

Did you hear about Darth Plagueis, so named because... zombies probably?

Sith that appear outside the movies don't have obvious names because there are only so many to go around.

Mlemorial Day: A day to celebrate animals with their tongues sticking out

Making a game where the main deity is the goddess Iva and statues to her are a naked woman on a horse to see who gets the dumb reference

WIP art, eye contact 

i can't see this as anything but a cis person expressing indignance about this rad as hell transbian existing in public

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