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@kelbesque and also when you buy the books you are financially supporting the author and her biases?

whereas hatsune miku made minecraft because the person we're replacing with her is no longer involved with the project

It's okay to like problematic shit but you've got to engage with what the thing actually is

The Hatsune Miku meme doesn't work for Harry Potter because Harry Potter exhibits politics deeply reflective of its author's biases

a semi-lewd pun 

My kid, opening a book to a picture of a little girl playing with baby chickens: "Lilah Tov doin' chicks"

genitals, grs shitpost, physical illness, bodily fluids 

genitals, grs shitpost, physical illness 

parents, transition (+) 

third gender ness, for all the nonbinary earthbound fans out there shutdown announcement shutdown announcement 

Hey! Did you know?

Mocking other queer people for acting or looking queer is siding with our oppressors. Don’t do their job for them!

selfie, eye contact 

Twitter screenshot, transphobia 

selfie, eye contact 

Black Lives Matter Plaza is cool but don’t let them distract y’all. MLK got a street in every state and they killed him too.

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