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There is absolutely nothing sexy about being in a women's changing room. It's just as nerve-wracking as being in the men's changing room.

pineapple on pizza


@kelbesque @breakfastgolem that just makes me want to tip you over and pour you out. Is that weird?

jk, I am not short. I'm pretty stout though.

relatedly if anyone would like to help a trans girl (me) in NYC get a job in tech hmu

my primary coding language is modern JavaScript and Node, but my Python isn't too bad either

To the four people who would like to know whether I have a crush on them: please DM me to collect your prize.

To the one person who didn't want to know: please DM me so I don't accidentally tell you.

uspol joke 

eye contact, technically not a selfie cause i did not take this picture 

Selfie, ec, razor blade earrings 

No particular reason for boosting this again except I felt like it.

If you can't handle my tall as shit, strong as shit femby energy, you can go fuck yourself. (cw selfie, eye contact)

It's 9:15 AM (US Pacific Time). Do you know where your gender is?

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