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‪Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with a gender? You may be entitled to compensation‬

I am cleaning out a bunch of people who unfollowed me or have dead accounts...if you unfollowed by accident (this has happened) then re-follow and I'll fix it.

‪Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with a gender? You may be entitled to compensation‬

That should say “not seeds at all,” thanks phone

Oh another fun fact from yesterday: strawberry “seeds” are actually not seedsar all, they’re the true fruit, containing seeds (they’re called achenes). The strawberry flesh we think of as the fruit is from the receptacle of the plant, not the ovaries.

Fruits like this are called accessory fruits.

Here is today’s fun fact from a google maps rabbit hole: Christmas Island has only one type of endemic land bird.

Here is an interesting fact pairing I learned from a Wikipedia rabbit hole yesterday: apples have more genes than humans. They have the most genes of any plant.

Me: *is quiet for a few seconds*

My brain:

LeFou, I’m afraid I’ve been thinking

(a dangerous pastime)

I know. But that wacky old fool is Belle’s father, and his sanity’s only so-so.

Now the wheels in my head have been turning since I looked at that loony old man,

See, I promised myself I’d be married to Belle and right now I’m evolving a plaaaaaaaaaaaan

Les enbées, s’il vous plaît!

J’adore les adorer.

Les enbées tout la journée—

Joyeux Wenbiesday ❤️

(@zigg told me I should post this. I realize I’m mixing real French and fake French/English words and it’s very silly but the point was to make them laugh. Also still wanna make «les enbées» happen)

Today is . I am so proud of and amazed by my out LGBTQ+ family. If you’re not out, you’re still valid and worthy of love and I love you. If you’re thinking about coming out, be safe and take care of yourself and know I’m rooting for you.

My favorite part of any hip hop (or hip hop adjacent) song is when someone introduces all the people in the song like they’re in a conference call on speaker phone.

I saw my first hatbox in the wild today, at the train station. It made me grin.

Personally I’m ready for the emphasis to be off twinks and for being short and round to become the fashion. 😅I just have to think of a cutesy name for it, like meeps.

I have had “YUNG BRYCEQUIST” floating around in my head for like 18 hours now, whyyy

I really like Toot but I miss having an app that shows the media tab and supports custom emoji. What’s everyone using these days that they like? (iOS)

The passionfruit flower is like that one Project Runway designer that puts all of the details on one garment. (There’s always one).

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