I saw my first hatbox in the wild today, at the train station. It made me grin.

Personally I’m ready for the emphasis to be off twinks and for being short and round to become the fashion. 😅I just have to think of a cutesy name for it, like meeps.

I have had “YUNG BRYCEQUIST” floating around in my head for like 18 hours now, whyyy

I really like Toot but I miss having an app that shows the media tab and supports custom emoji. What’s everyone using these days that they like? (iOS)

The passionfruit flower is like that one Project Runway designer that puts all of the details on one garment. (There’s always one).

Introducing MENmaids

They're mermaids, but for MEN

HIV prevention PSA (tldr you can get PrEP for FREE) 

quote, "queer" as its own label and not an umbrella 

Holy shit, never considered that, but this is likely accurate.

#Gender is such a wider world than anyone will ever be able to see; it can take really getting to know someone to uncover what’s inside, and find out how they really break the expectations that have been placed on them. Playing with my presentation a little makes me feel good and more authentic to what’s inside; but for me, personally, who I am is mostly deep in my heart :heart_nb:

@byttyrs pants historically were act sold as two separate tubes that you tied to a belt to make one "pair"! It took them a while to figure out how to do the seaming to fuse both legs into one object and also it was an aesthetic to have two different colored leg tubes so you'd buy them separately so you could mix and match.

I just have weird pants trivia so I wanted to share!
Source: costume history class in undergrad


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