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‪Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with a gender? You may be entitled to compensation‬

Bugs, video game 

I had a pride party in with some friends tonight, and it was a blast. We got on video chat at the same time.

me: oh sweet, a big fish island!
BFI: welcome to bass island

By night, it’s the moon. By day, it keeps people from leaving the island.

I want a girl with a short skirt

and a loooooong


Wearing all black knit in a multi-cat house? Braver than the troops.

Picard finale spoilers 

Who has had virtual meals/happy hours/parties already? I want to hear about them! I did a virtual pizza date tonight and have a virtual happy hour in a few days.

“Worry less about the person you once were. Or the person you dream you someday will be. Worry about the person you are now. Or don’t even worry! Just be that person. Be the best version of that person you can be. Be a better version than any of the other versions in any of the many parallel universes. Check regularly online to see the rankings.”

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