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‪Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with a gender? You may be entitled to compensation‬

Wearing all black knit in a multi-cat house? Braver than the troops.

Picard finale spoilers 

Who has had virtual meals/happy hours/parties already? I want to hear about them! I did a virtual pizza date tonight and have a virtual happy hour in a few days.

“Worry less about the person you once were. Or the person you dream you someday will be. Worry about the person you are now. Or don’t even worry! Just be that person. Be the best version of that person you can be. Be a better version than any of the other versions in any of the many parallel universes. Check regularly online to see the rankings.”

“And more than the fear of injury, more than the fear of death, this is the fear that looms. The loss of self. The self that is self we imagined we were our whole lives.

But we were never that self, not really. We were only a series of selves, living one role and then leaving it for another. And all the time convincing ourselves that there was no change. That we were always the same person, living the same life. One arc to a finish, not the stutter-stop improvisation that is our actual lives.”

“One of the great fears among a life of great fears, perhaps the last great fear is the fear of being no longer useful. We find a role in life, and we do that role to the best of our ability for as long as that ability is there. But all of us – even me, dear listeners – will someday hit a point where we no longer are able to do that thing that we define ourselves by doing.”

I was listening to Welcome to Night Vale episode 52, “The Retirement Of Pamela Winchell”, and the end of that episode is one of those suddenly moving moments that WTNV is so good at sneaking in when you’re not looking.

(:Extremely Billy Joel:)

He’s king of the Degrassi basketball scene
Till a bullied school shooter’s misunderstanding
But the wheelchair won’t stop his musical dreams
You can all call him Drake
But he’ll always be Jimmy to me

The hardest people to make last minute plans with are polyamorous extroverts.

Today I was trying to describe my extra wide chair to someone and I couldn’t remember what it was called so I said “it’s like one and a half...butts?”

Today was mostly a shit day so here’s Connie asleep while snuggling a dryer ball.

Henceforth all music videos will have Adam Rippon skating in them.

So underappreciated, my poor slightly stoned shitpost.

“Stop eating my hair” is now a thing I say nearly daily. Oh, kittens.

Just got my 23andme results back and it was just a blank sheet of white paper.

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