thinkin about spontaneousley appearing in a small candlelit room whenever a foolish teen seeking vengeance utters my true name

all these day-lewds on the TL are perplexing my circadian rhythm into thinking it's naughty nighttime.

:thinkhappy: πŸŒƒ πŸ”ž

like how deer in the forest will lay down and go to sleep during an eclipse. but in this metaphor, the moon is a tasteful booty photo.

πŸ“Έ πŸŒ›πŸ‘

boosting everything I post on my lewd alt, thereby defeating the alt's raison detree

pepsi deadass pulled a call of duty prestige when he deleted his account at 1k

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all trans people should have water powers, all gay people should have fire powers (no connotation), enbies get air and ace people can have earth. straight people may have only our mercy

You can oppose exploitative mobile games while still acknowledging that these people are harassing developers out of a sense of entitlement and not because they give a shit about microtransactions.
They aren't attacking capitalism, they're just harassing developers.

hi, trans folk, can you maybe explain something to me? Show more

going back in time to convince ayn rand that "shrugged" is spelled "shurgged"

me: oh look my dog made a big poop on the lawn
*camera cuts to the lawn. there is a signed copy of atlas shurged*

thinkin about starting a podcast with my 2 younger siblings

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